It’s astonishing how the UK population are pushed to and fro in a technological system designed to make things easy and simple. I guess everyone is happy with it. Life has become systematised. It provides convenience and  ease and streamlines products and services. But everything has its downside. Everyone is boxed and packaged by the ready-made lifestyles they are offered.  In the supermarket, I scanned and paid for my own shopping. I didn’t have to even talk to or deal with another human being. When we have to talk to staff they act as if they have been your best friend for 20 years. The illusion is that we are still having meaningful relationships with other people.

The noise from the media, advertising and the internet allows people to believe they have their own opinions when really their heads are being filled with someone else’s ideas. Ideas which, when they reinforce their existing views, they slot into their minds and regard them as their own well-formed beliefs. I suspect that, deep down, people know there is a problem. Maybe that is why everyone is desperately screaming that they are an individual!

Passing the imaculate houses with the old people tending their gardens I felt so sad. What do they feel about the death of the England they once knew? Maybe their beautiful gardens are the last memorials to English humanity?