Porn is a fantasy world in which we objectify others to enable eroticism. Most of us are able to distinguish this fact and to maintain a balance between this fantasy world and real life. This is not particularly remarkable; we often do this when creating our own erotic fantasies in our minds.

But objectification is no longer located exclusively within pornography. When it was, it was safe and contained. It is now rather within almost every image we are exposed to particularly coming from the marketing industry.

Perhaps we also objectify ourselves when we adopt ready-made, off-the-shelf images manufactured by the advertising industry, along with the attitude and the pose? If so, in doing so we would deny our own character and humanity.

This way of seeing now predominates to the extent that we are no longer aware that this is only one way of seeing. This is more dangerous than mere objectification. Because it removes the possibility of other ways of seeing and in doing so it conceals the fact that we are both the violators and the  violated.