A very old friend expressed extreme surprise that I seemed to have changed my mind about an idea. Why should he be surprised? I no longer know if any of my ideas are fixed forever and any one of them could change at any point, even in the next few minutes. Sometimes I may appear to be strongly advocating a position. Perhaps sometimes I am? Often my strongly expressed ideas are only waiting for an equally strong expressed rebuff. My friend is a Marxist which claims to be a scientific philosophy. Science never closes the chapter on any of its theories. It accepts that new information may surface. Ideas can always be revised and sometimes thrown out. He should understand me at least.

Sometimes I feel I live in a state of uncertainty. This is my luxury, my privileged position that I can hold on to. Perhaps it’s because I feel secure in my life that I don’t need certainty in my head! I no longer feel the desire to join any club and subscribe to any set of ideas. My head is always swimming with questions and confusions. What an exciting position to be in.