It’s ironic how things turn around.

Some black people have complained that the word ‘black’ is only used in negative ways in language – blackmail, black sheep, blacklist and so on. I am not convinced this refers to race but that’s another issue.

Some Africans have reversed the situation and now use ‘white’ to refer to anything they don’t like, as the blog post When Did Homosexuality Become White suggests.

Anything perceived to be un-African is labelled ‘Western’ or ‘foreign’ which is shorthand for ‘white’. From homosexual behaviour, to short dresses, to the perceived increase of sex in films, the claim is that it is all ‘white’ – imported from the corrupt, outside world.

The implication is that the African did not, and never would have discovered these things if they hadn’t been forced into it; that these things have never been present before in Africa, even in different forms.

It is a fairly simple matter for a country to maintain ones purity. Relatively successful attempts have worked before. Censor the internet, films, music, media and airways, control foreign imports, monitor who travels and restrict immigration. Even easier is to put a black bag over your head and avoid life.