Muslims have called for Sharia law in Ghana. This shows a growing confidence amongst a radical, politicised form of Islam which believes that their God’s holy law should be enforced upon kafirs and other infidels. This is a worrying development as, apart from in the North, Ghana’s Muslims appeared to be mild-mannered, gentle and thoughtful. They contrasted favourably to the, often violent, Islamists who are gaining power in many countries.

Sharia law cannot be discussed or negotiated as Muslims believe it is prescribed directly by God. And you can’t disagree with God! It is the opposite of the democratic and secular laws that states make and has no place in modern democracies.

They are hoping to unify non-Moslems behind them using an emotive issue – homosexuality. They attempt to use the emotion of disgust in order to override people’s rational mind. In doing so, they use the same lies that are often used in these hate campaigns: they appeal to the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, now widely understood as not being about homosexuality; they claim homosexuals are recruiting children; that homosexuals have to wear pampers; and, as always, they focus on the sexual act rather than the love and relationships that form. Where strong negative emotions are triggered rational argument and evidence take the back seat.

They use a typical technique of misinformation, stating that Ghana should not “embrace this practise”. Of course, no one is asking Ghana to do so but by making this statement they give the misleading impression that this is part of the debate.

Using lies and misinformation in the name of God they hope to create a popular front in which they can find political power. Popular demonstrations such as the one organised in Takoradi on July 4, 2010 are designed to develop confidence within the masses in preparation for an ideological movement.

If they manage to manipulate the minds of Ghanaians and Sharia law does creep in, I wonder how many decent, law-abiding adulterers will still be standing!