At our Ghana Bloggers meeting the question was asked why so few Ghana bloggers write about Ghana’s politics. One reply was that Ghanaians are not interested in real politics. But talking with the group’s youth afterwards showed there is a real interest in politics beyond the NPP / NDC divide.They know exactly what is wrong and have many exciting ideas on how to move forwards.

Coming home in a taxi, two passengers coincidentally started asking why has Ghana still held onto its colonial structures and laws. Why the idea of nation does not come before the selfish desires of our leaders. Why people over 50 years old are sitting in politics, planning their retirement packages and blocking the youth and change? These thoughts did not surprise me as I have heard them time and time again from Ghanaian youth. They are talking but not blogging.

Perhaps it is time to network all these inspiring men and women. But great ideas, energy and enthusiasm are nothing unless one has the inner strength and discipline to maintain the vision, when faced with the corrupting power of the System? The System hopes it can mould them and denigrate them into submission. It hopes that if it waits long enough, the financial pressures of adult life will turn their heads. I, however, have hope in the youth to stand firm and believe in their vision.