There are rumours Ghana’s government wants to ban the movie Hot Fork. I have yet to see the film but there are complaints that it is bereft of forking. I would imagine there is more forking about in the government than there is in this film! I have seen 4Play which apparently also has forking scenes. I must have fallen asleep because I have no recollection of them. Both films are, in fact, forking-challenged.

It would be ironic if the government did try to act as our moral guardians. But there are some who do want to infantilise Ghana’s adults who are apparently so innocent they have never seen a bit of forking! I suppose families who can only afford to sleep in one room have never seen their forking parents?

Apparently, watching forking is not part of Ghana’s culture. To get around this Ghana imports American films which have more suggestion of forking than these local films. That way people can enjoy it whilst claiming it’s not part of their culture!

But what would happen if, instead of importing American forking films, Ghana manages to make its own? Perhaps the youth will run naked down the streets. Perhaps people will fork openly on the roadside. Perhaps chaos will reign in the cities as people reject all moral codes and do whatever they want.

To be honest, if I want to see a bit of forking, a local Ghana film is the last place I would look. Like everyone else, I will just buy a foreign fork DVD, available all over Accra, or will use the internet for what it was designed for!