I wonder why some government ministers have educated themselves in the USA or Europe? Surely Ghana’s education system is adequate? It must be because it is what they are maintaining.

Why would they travel abroad? Do they think they are going to learn more or that teaching methods are superior? Or is it merely the status of having a piece of paper with the words USA written on them?

Of course the type of ‘abroad’ you go to is also important. A certificate with Latvia on it is less impressive than one with Germany.

And when you come back people will be weighing up the worth of your institution. Peckham will have less status than Oxford, even if you only studied at a technical college that renamed itself a university.

But for the youth who studied in Ghana, the final kick in the teeth must surely be this. You have spent 3-4 years learning the latest business theories and application of IT, you have regurgitated all the facts you were taught, carefully showed respect by not asking questions in case it was misconstrued as challenging authority, and quietly received the grades for your assignments wondering why, with no explanation, you received the grade given. Perhaps, you even did ‘favours’ for your professor to encourage him to mark you higher?

Then you re-enter the world with your sparkling MBA only to discover it is worthless! Because what really matters is another type of MBA – ma ba ya achie (I’ve been here long). Your new knowledge, which you were ready to apply to Ghana’s modernising economy, is actually useless compared to the knowledge of your grandparents. The knowledge of the ancestors – doing things the way they were always done – is the only true knowledge.

You may start to wonder if your certificate was about the knowledge you gained or the status of showing you can be disciplined and humble for 3 years.

But for those who studied abroad, people like our government ministers, they have the shrewdness to understand that foreign knowledge should remain where it belongs – in foreign countries.