Listening to some of Ghana’s Ministers on the radio this morning reminded me of Nietzsche’s quote:

“I do not love people who have to explode like bombs in order to have any effect whatsoever and in whose presence one is always in danger of suddenly losing one’s hearing – or more”.

(The Gay Science, Book 3, 218)

The idea that a big noise, anger, aggression and sometimes just downright rudeness could be a sign that ‘the Truth is here’ is a strange idea.

I listened with embarrassment as one ‘Honourable’ managed to whip himself into a frenzy. He was no longer able to hear the radio presenter attempting to shut him up, as he raged like a rabid dog. A hot air balloon certainly makes the biggest bang when it explodes!

I would humbly suggest that prospective Honourables should be required to undertake a class of basic debating technique, anger management, general civility and instruction on how to act honourably!