Is it just me or are Ghanaian functions really, terminally boring?

The problem I find is that people are so unfriendly. It seems people come with family and do not move outside of that limited grouping. They do not seem to be places where new friends are made and conversations are struck with strangers.

I fully accept that it could be me. It could because I’m a foreigner in this country and maybe my own insecurities push everyone away from me. My problem might well be that I go alone whilst everyone else brings friends or family, presumably so they have someone to talk to and ease the tediousness of the event.

Having attended Ghanaian functions in both London and Ghana, the experience has been the same. Firstly, the host seats you at a table with other people but does not introduce you to anyone on the table, as we would in my culture. The people at the table barely pass you a glance, but ignore you totally. In my culture we would start talking to the new person, introducing ourselves and finding out who the person is. Instead, at a Ghanaian function, people often sit sullenly, looking as if ‘fun’ has eluded them.

This seems to me to be at odds with the notion of Ghanaian hospitality and is the reason I try to avoid the inhospitable Ghanaian function and prefer to sit alone at home and read…which is a lot more fun!