I think some of us foreigners feel a frustration that abuse and corruption are open knowledge in Ghana, yet seem to be accepted as part of life.

People have learnt to accept nothing. It is as if the human spirit has given up and resigned itself to the situation. People have become to believe they are useless and that nothing is possible (except in the supernatural world). Collective memories of fear, murder and disappearances serve to reinforce feelings that nothing can change and you shouldn’t try, lest THEY come for you.

Yet a man like Anas Aremayaw Anas makes a documentary exposing abuse and corruption in the country’s flagship Osu Children’s Home, and shakes a government department, as Osabutey Anny’s post Idiots Within details. People may expect nothing will come of the investigations and maybe nothing will, but that result will be because people expect nothing.

Even religion, particularly Christianity, has not created a sense of injustice leading to action. Rather it has created resentment leading to a sullen inaction.

Significantly there is a lot of talk, in Ghana, about the importance of leadership. This has become another reason to do nothing. Everyone seems to be waiting for someone else to assume the title of Leader and take responsibility for them. They notice that this has never happened; that people become leaders but only take responsibility for themselves. This creates more resentment even though people got what they created.

It takes a strong person to keep living and experience pain. Disappointment is commonplace in Ghana. Have Ghanaians lowered their sights as a way of avoiding this pain?

The sad irony is that Ghana may now be in the position to deliver something. But whilst people expect nothing that is exactly what they get.