I’ve become aware of a network of Christian adoption blogs. American Christians are adopting Ghanaian babies and children as an expression of their Christian beliefs.

They are documenting their story with blogs such as Ghana Adopt Three, Ghana Africa Adoption and Family Blog. There are also other blogs where the religious beliefs of the families are not stated Ghana Adopt and Hutchinson Family Adventures

If a non-believer adopts a child, obviously their non-belief is not an issue. For these Christians it is important for them to state they are adopting because they feel they are following God’s plan as the post Ever Feel Like God is Just Messing With You written by a family adopting from Ethiopia. I’m sure all the families are sincere and well-meaning but something makes me uncomfortable.

Perhaps it is slogans such as “Following God’s calling for bringing our children home” on From God to Ghana’s website. Are the children not already home?

Perhaps it is their use of the word “orphans” leading me to question whether they understand the African extended family system.

I wonder how much these families know about Ghana’s history, traditions and world outlook. Are they going to raise their adoptees with this knowledge and be sensitive to the culture they bring with them? The whole Christian emphasis makes me think of the word indoctrination. Will they allow their African babies to form their own beliefs? Does any of this really matter when one looks at the opportunities these babies will have?

Faith International Adoptions are one organisation who are “Uniting orphans all around the world with permanent loving families” Interestingly, being a Christian is not stated as one of the Ghana requirements on their website but being heterosexual is! It seems even Ghana’s “poverty” is preferential to having them placed in a family of queers!

Cynicism aside, the whole issue is complex and there are many factors to consider.

But I leave you with this video to consider. It’s an American girls view of poverty in Ghana and its orphans:

Disclaimer and Update
Only 3 adoption agencies were licensed to operate in Ghana as of Aug 2013 – Friends of Children in Italy; Bethany Christian Services of the United States of America and Adoption Centrum in Sweden.

I am not suggesting any of the organisations or people above are involved in illegal practices. However, when I first wrote this post I was naive of the extent that an industry exists, some claim in child trafficking, to some extent fueled by the Evangelical movement, across the African continent. I’m now adding more links below as I become aware of them to widen the discussion.

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