1. Declare that is isn’t science.
  2. Use ‘theory’ in a way that science doesn’t mean.
  3. Highlight disagreement amongst scientists and pretend they can’t agree if evolution is true.
  4. Say evolution happens by chance.
  5. When transitional fossils are found assert there are none.
  6. When species start to evolve ignore them.
  7. Say that humans evolved from monkeys then ask why moneys still exist and are not turning into humans.
  8. Only read creationist literature.
  9. Assert that the bible is a true history of the world.
  10. Misrepresent scientific observation as something that has to be witnessed by individuals in their lifetime.
  11. Ignore the accumulation and convergence of evidence from different disciplines.
  12. Maintain that all methods of carbon dating are flawed.
  13. When confronted by the fossil evidence say the devil planted them to confuse the gullible.
  14. Take a Masters in one of the sciences then announce you are a scientist who supports creationism to give authority to your views.