I watched a young guy on Facebook become enticed by the fake gospel of prosperity and become a minister himself in his early 20s in Ghana. A misled young man now misleading others; his youth, no doubt, witness to the miracles of his ministry. He inspired many of my blog posts. His regular Facebook status updates of despair and loneliness were the result of his unnatural expectations which can never be fulfilled. Except, perhaps, through dishonesty and deception.
Richard Bartholomew’s post Derren Brown vs Faith Healers is a review of Derren’s TV programme Miracles for Sale in which he trained a member of the public to enact the role of faith-healing pastor.
Richard’s blog post besides being an interesting read, also has some great links to reformed faith-healers, the watchdog organisation The Trinity Foundation, and some of the Pentecostal movement’s shadier characters. Please visit and read.
Like my young friend on Facebook, all these Pastors rely on false hope, guilt, rumours and misunderstandings and perversions of the gospel. Some knowingly deceive; others are unknowingly deceiving themselves and leading their followers into a dead-end. Programmes like Derren’s and Richard’s posts are essential in their work of alerting us to the dangers of the ‘false prophets’.