I think I understand the appeal of Christianity. Through its ancient stories, it offers a narrative that speaks of the human condition and offers hope at the end. It gives a feeling of connection to something greater that oneself, inducing feelings of humility. It provokes feelings of awe at the majesty of the universe and provides an explanation of its existence and the meaning of ours. It provides a moral framework with common-sense advice on how to live. The sense of mystery and inner peace also seem to be important components. Many churches also provide a community of people with common goals and beliefs. I don’t think any community, such as a social group, would do. The church community seems to me, to create desirability, possibly through an assumed moral status, perhaps through the feeling of being persectuted or an outsider and the feeling that when gathered together something mystical could occur.

My difficulty is that I, and many others, get all of these things without religion or the supernatural. So why is it that some need religion and others don’t?

I do not want to suggest that those seeking religion are in anyway inferior, weaker or more illogical. Is it just a case of different strokes for different folks? That seems an unsatisfactory answer to me as it raises more questions.

Could it be that unanswered questions about existence and being leave the door open for different world views? If so, is one worldview right and another wrong? If we accept only one worldview is true, do we end up in culture wars? If we don’t believe in Truth do we become relativists? Is this an unhelpful way to look at the issue?

Ultimately, I guess, Christians believe there is a real drama being enacted in which they have a role. This is the point at which I can no longer understand.