As the anti-homosexual brigade in Ghana has brought up the issue of homosexuality again, there is much discussion. Read Let Them Be Gay and Let Them Be Gay: A Facebook Conversation by Ato Dadzie to get an idea of what’s going on. I do not want to engage with the question of whether homosexuality is right or wrong but simply to lay out the arguments which appear to be emotional as opposed to rational.

1.        Animals don’t do it
This is my favourite argument. It attempts to define what is natural by using animals as an example. Animals are taken to define nature and, ipso facto, the natural. They argue that animals don’t do it, it’s therefore not natural and therefore human beings shouldn’t do do it.

These zoological experts could have done a simple internet search to discover examples of homosexual behaviour in over 1,500 species. Alternatively, they could come round my yard and watch the two male dogs in my house attempting a bit of bum fun! So as animals do it, does that now mean it is natural and it’s OK for humans? When this reality is pointed out they then switch their argument to…

2.       We are not animals
After placing us within nature, the “zoologists” now want to remove us from it. They switch to saying that we are better than animals and therefore should not participate in homosexual behaviour which they now define as animalistic. Natural no longer means right!

3.       If we legalise homosexual acts then next we legalise [insert crime of choice]
If we legalise homosexuality why shouldn’t we legalise serial killers, rape, and theft? The proponents of this argument sadly seem unable to distinguish between consensual love between two people and violent crime which involves no consent from the victim.

4.       The slippery slope argument
If we legalise homosexuality the whole world may become gay and the human species will end! What if the whole world had the calling to become a celibate priest or nun? Let’s ban them too! Do I really need to state that some homosexual people, particularly lesbians, give birth? This argument is also based on the idea that sexuality is fixed and 100%. The famous Kinsey report suggested otherwise.

Or the next thing is they will start teaching kids in school how to become homosexual and then pass laws making it illegal to be straight! The idea that “homosexualists” or “gayists” (as these people love to describe them) are going to legislate against sexuality is only a reflection of what they believe they can do. They believe that laws can stop homosexual behaviour. An attempt which has failed as would attempts to impose homosexuality!

5.       It’s a health threat
They claim that only homosexuals spread disease yet don’t think it’s that much of problem to fund health education amongst men who have sex with men! They give unsubstantiated statements such as “gay men have to wear pampers due to their deformed anuses” (headline from a “Christian” newspaper in Ghana). It also ignores the comparative safety of lesbian sex. It also ignores the fact that men and women pass diseases onto each other including HIV when they have unprotected sex.

6.       The Anus wasn’t meant to be used that way
So lesbianism is OK then? They should think again before they ask their wives for a blow job. Do they know God’s purpose for the tongue?

7.       The bible says…
We have many bible experts in Ghana yet they have never read the bible in Hebrew or Greek. Unaware of the arguments currently debated in the Church they cannot see anything other than words. They still quote the story of Sodom and Gomorrah as if it was a warning against homosexual behaviour because they have not read it or thought about it for themselves.

8.       It’s not our culture
This is at root an argument that claims “nasty things” come from the “Whites”. African culture (whatever that is) is seen to be pure, therefore homosexuality and I suppose adultery and child abuse must have been taught to Ghanaians (who are clearly helpless) from outsiders. It lumps all white people and all African people into two homogeneous groupings and presumes they all have the same values – the bad ones of the Whites and the good ones of the Africans.

It also assumes that homosexuality is a culture as opposed to an activity that takes place within all cultures. People are very quick to condemn their own culture when it suits them, such as the ‘evil’ of their traditional religion or some practises that are seen to be abusive to women or children, yet, on this issue, pretend they must be slaves to cultural traditions which must never change.

Ironically the loudest voices on homosexuality come from those opposed to it. They claim “gayists” are lobbying for special rights yet where are the voices of homosexuals in Ghana? They want us to believe they are secretly calling for special rights and converting more people to their “cause” resulting in the breakdown of society.

The truth is that the breakdown in traditional culture has created a space where individuals can choose their own path in life and where people have become less concerned with the private details of other peoples’ lives.

Ghana’s future depends on rational thinking and the challenging of mob mentality. Tradition is important but when you blindly follow it you are little more than a slave. The discussion around homosexuality lays out the dangers before us and calls for level-headed approaches.

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