In my youth I became a Marxist-Leninist. I knew, without doubt, that I had found the Truth. Not a bit of truth, not an aspect of truth, but the entire truth. Everything about it was so blatantly, obviously true.

I therefore had to go out and tell other people because the more people that would accept the truth, the better the world would become. But to my amazement, some people refused to accept it. They wilfully denyied the truth.

Those that deliberately refused to accept the word were reactionaries. I didn’t read anything written by reactionaries because I already knew it was wrong, and I didn’t keep them as my friends because they would hold me back. I split up with my closest friend when I found he supported Margaret Thatcher.

I felt great knowing I was on the right side – the Left side. I had a purpose in life and I had a mission. The world now transformed into those who agreed with Marxism and those who opposed it. And I was on the winning side!