Today I am 50. Getting here wasn’t as scary as when I was approaching 30 and 40 but, as always, it felt good to finally arrive. The journey to this place was always unplanned, at least consciously. Perhaps my love of music has been my centre and organising principle.

With each passing decade a greater calmness and feeling of being grounded arises, leaving behind the neuroses and anxieties of youth. It really does get better although when you are young you cannot imagine how! All those things we  thought were so important fade to insignificance. All those things we were worried we wouldn’t be able to do with age now feel irrelevant.

The downside to age is the physical deteriation. Like cheap Chinese products we weren’t meant to last. The components of our body gradually fall apart and I’ve noticed my eyesight is not so sharp. It also becomes apparent that the remaining years are less than those already enjoyed. Dealing with the transience of life is an uncomfortable part of our existence but it should teach us to love life even more. Life is not a testing ground or a waiting room. This is the real deal!

My goal now is to become more fearless and to engage even more with life. I love where I am in my head, I love being in Ghana, I love my friends and family and I love life. Please join me in my celebration.