I haven’t blogged for a long time now, partly, due to cyber-fatigue (although it didn’t stop me tweeting), a certain fuzziness in my head, and laziness when faced with all those half-finished blog posts. I woke up this morning, updated my facebook status, and felt I wanted say a few words on my blog.

I find a lot of pressure as Christmas approaches. Pressure to prepare, pressure to do something special, pressure to celebrate. I did stock up on supplies in order to avoid the worse of the traffic but it was just another day and I didn’t see the need for all the fuss. There are no Xmas cards in my house, no decorations, I haven’t even thought of a special dinner.

However, now that the day’s arrived it does feel different. I find myself thinking of friends and family, particularly those I haven’t contacted for a long time. I am experiencing positive emotions and feelings! I’m reflecting on the year that has almost passed.

I woke to hear Christmas carols being played in my neighbourhood and, this time, was not annoyed to be woken from my deep sleep. Instead I felt happiness, contentment, security and nostalgia implanted from childhood expectations of things to come.

I think about the family and friends I felt behind in the UK but feel grateful for my new home and my friends in Ghana that continue to support me and offer their gift of friendship.

I find myself contemplating the words of John Shelby Spong that the example of the Christ is to teach us how to be more fully human. Combined with Nietzsche’s Übermensch I think we have a challenge ahead!

Happy Christmas everyone!