For those that haven’t been keeping up with the latest discoveries in archaeology and theology, a devastating new discovery has been uncovered. An earlier manuscript has been found of the writings of Paul which demonstrates conclusively that the version commonly known has been tampered with.

This new version, discovered around the Dead Sea, has been proved authentic by biblical scholars using a variety of methods including carbon dating and textual analysis.

This earlier manuscript shows Paul asking for men to submit to their wives, not the other way around as is commonly thought. It seems that the text was tampered with in later centuries when the church decided to reinforce patriarchal society and maintain its own power. The original writings of Paul must clearly have been an embarrassment to male power so they decided to make some adjustments believing they had the only copy of the manuscript.

This discovery will revolutionise Christianity and society in general. Traditionally, men have argued for patriarchy using the bible as their authority. Will they now stick to their principles and hand power over to the women as the Paul actually instructs? Time will tell how serious Christian men really are in following scripture and how much it was a convenient excuse for power.

The patriarchal Catholic Church has still to make a statement on this issue.