My friend was on a trotro (bus) when one of these walk on preachers gets on. He claimed rastas were evil and anyone wearing cowrie shells is possessed. He also kept looking at my friend who was listening to music on his headphones and talking about people who want to block the Word.

In Europe this preacher would almost certainly be ridiculed and told to sit down. The passengers would challenge his ignorant and hateful words. But in Ghana, no one says anything. Perhaps they agree? Perhaps they believe that “men of God” should not be challenged? Perhaps they don’t actually know what the bible says and appreciate anyone’s interpretation no matter what it is?

Some may ask why my friend remained silent, even when being personally attacked. To challenge the preacher would probably result in him being labelled as evil and the passengers would almost certainly be against him.

How did we arrive here? Why should anyone who preaches automatically gain our respect? How much longer will ignorance masquerading as religion be tolerated?