I was jumping from a sinking ship to dry land. I had no idea how radically different this culture was going to be. But they are knocking holes in the hull of this ship too. Soon we will all be drowning together. Or perhaps we will all forget how it felt to breathe air.

Living in a different culture challenges all your pre-existing views. It’s so obvious it’s boring to even talk about it. Being an outsider provides the possibility of seeing things from a different perspective. It also changes your view on your own culture. Whether there is anything interesting in my perspective I have no idea.

I think it would be fair to say that my whole world was thrown upside down through coming to Ghana. I’m still trying to make sense of it. I blog because I want to explore my own ideas, express them in a written form and to, hopefully, get feedback from my readers.

I’ve been heavily influenced by the writings of Nietzsche, Edward Goldsmith,  James Randi and Daniel Quinn. Probably, all my views can be traced back to one of these men.

I’m interested in skepticism, religious belief, magic, music, politics and society.