Jumping And Running

The suffocating crescendo of the duet;
Its parts bound together by the warmth of the rope burn.

Sweet harmony tightening like the noose that took the breath with comforting despair.

Hanging lifeless as the conductor’s baton slices and cuts with the delicate downbeat of the surgeon’s scapel. Read more…

Participate in mob justice in Ghana

What would you do if a gang stole your phone, MP3 player and money, threatening violence if you didn’t hand them over?


Kobina Amoo, a US university graduate living and working Ghana, has decided to do the surprising – help his attacker. Read more…

Breaking Free


God has never spoken to you, you’ve never experienced the Holy Spirit, your prayers are never answered, science is giving you better answers than religion. Read more…

On Miracles Or How Pringles Cured My TB

May 2013: I was in the UK and suddenly got ill. I had developed tuberculosis. To satisfy my ravenous appetite I ate the potato snack, Pringles, all day long. I’m now cured. Can it be said Pringles cured my TB?

What if I told you the people in my mum’s church were praying for me. Did their prayers cure my TB? Read more…

Jesus Is Not Your Friend

I find it sad to continually read Facebook statuses that complain about fake friends, fake families and warn us never to trust or rely on anyone. It may be because of the people I follow on Facebook, but these comments come exclusively from Ghanaians. I don’t understand this level of mistrust and disappointment in others.  

The comments are always from religious believers and often end with a statement claiming a dead person, who they never knew, and never knew them, is their only true friend. Read more…

Segment 16 – Atheist Choral Music

Graham Knight:

Was excited to hear Kenley Kristofferson’s humanist choral music on YouTube and he directed me to this blog post. Now the challenge is on to develop a new choral tradition.

Originally posted on RAD RELIGION:

“We are One” may look like a Buddhist idea, but it’s also proudly proclaimed by an atheist classical composer named Kenley Kristofferson. Hear us chat about him and atheist choral music more generally:

The two tracks were ‘Cosmos‘ (Movement 3) and ‘We Are Stars‘. [We also played Steve Martin's hilarious track 'Atheists Don't Have No Songs' before we began.]

So all this began in recent years, with atheists gathering on online forums and finding that a large number of them enjoyed listening and singing choral music. But as the Melbourne Atheists have said, “If you want to sing in a choir, but don’t like religious songs, what choice do you have? Not much.” Some choral atheists would even join church choirs, just looking for opportunities to sing, belting out Handel’s Messiah without believing a word of it. For many this involved a…

View original 691 more words

My Experience in an “Atheist Church”

The Sunday Assembly, popularly known as the atheist church, has taken off in the UK and is quickly spreading world-wide. But what do people who don’t believe in anything do in a church-like gathering? Like many I felt curious to find out.

Apart from writers such as Alain de Botton who have argued non-believers should steal the best aspects of religion, many non-believers have been skeptical of such projects. They pride themselves on being independent thinkers, rejecting dogma and not following leaders. Was the Assembly going to recreate the worst aspects of religion by getting uncomfortably close to the very thing rejected?

Waking up early on a cold, Sunday morning in Bognor Regis for a 25 minute walk to get a train to Brighton, tiredness risked dampening curiosity. The train journey took 1 hour and I fell asleep during the journey. I arrived at my destination feeling weak and disoriented with a 15 minute walk ahead of me. Read more…


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