I have not been hurt by Christians

There is a belief amongst some religious people, particularly Christians, that the reason I (and others) do not accept their claims is because I’ve had a bad experience with Christians or religion.

Let me set the record straight. I have not been damaged by Christians or Christianity.

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The Melt-Down of West African Christianity

Christianity seems to be continuing on it’s downward spiral of self-implosion recently, although this is hardly likely to affect the committed followers of the various church leaders who are now retreating into a state of denialism in order to maintain their commitment.

The recent collapse of TB Joshua’s buildings around parts of the continent, along with the constant scandals of sexual misbehaviour, rape, vandalism and violence by people such as “Bishop” Obinim (who claimed he didn’t realise vandalism and theft was wrong), and the obscene displays of material wealth by Nigerian pastors, are doing more to raise questions about the churches, the practise of Christianity, and how a belief system that claims to transform its followers consistently fails to do so, than non-believers have needed to contribute. Read more…

First Ghanaian elected to International Humanist Organisation

Great news for Ghana, and for the international humanist community! Well done to Ros!

Jumping And Running

The suffocating crescendo of the duet;
Its parts bound together by the warmth of the rope burn.

Sweet harmony tightening like the noose that took the breath with comforting despair.

Hanging lifeless as the conductor’s baton slices and cuts with the delicate downbeat of the surgeon’s scapel. Read more…

Participate in mob justice in Ghana

What would you do if a gang stole your phone, MP3 player and money, threatening violence if you didn’t hand them over?


Kobina Amoo, a US university graduate living and working Ghana, has decided to do the surprising – help his attacker. Read more…

Breaking Free


God has never spoken to you, you’ve never experienced the Holy Spirit, your prayers are never answered, science is giving you better answers than religion. Read more…

On Miracles Or How Pringles Cured My TB

May 2013: I was in the UK and suddenly got ill. I had developed tuberculosis. To satisfy my ravenous appetite I ate the potato snack, Pringles, all day long. I’m now cured. Can it be said Pringles cured my TB?

What if I told you the people in my mum’s church were praying for me. Did their prayers cure my TB? Read more…